The Finest Hair Salon in the Greater Bangor area

Established in 1981 Marit’s Hair Salon has been a staple of the greater Bangor area providing the freshest haircuts and styles for over 30 years. When you choose Marit’s Hair Salon you’re getting a lot more than a great haircut at a great price, you’re getting the comfort and conversation that comes standard with all the smiles you see the second you walk through the door. If you’re looking for an amazing haircut or style in the greater Bangor area give us a call today to schedule an appointment at 207-942-6846 – or just walk in.

At Marit’s, we want to give you confidence. No matter what hairstyle you choose we want you to feel good and have your hair cut amplify your overall style and personality.

Beyond the hair cut, we think your visit should be something you look forward too. It should feel like you’re coming to visit a close friend like you’re visiting a place where conversation can flow freely. At Marit’s, you can relax and enjoy the company around you.

Sometimes it’s hard to leave Marit’s, but when you do you’ll feel great with your new haircut, and we hope that you have made some new friends or just had a great visit with one. We believe the salon experience goes far beyond the hair and hope the time you spend with us is enlightening and fulfilling on all levels.