About Womens Haircuts

Haircuts for Women

The Most Fashion Forward Women’s Hairstyles in Maine

Whether you like your hair short or long, whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, Marit’s has the woman’s haircut you’re looking for.

Our trendsetting hair styles are sure to add drama and intrigue to your overall look. We aim to embrace your features and maximize your natural beauty. Our woman’s hair styles will give you a professional look when you need it while providing the freedom of a free spirited and casual style when the mood strikes. Our woman’s haircuts truly are perfect for any age and occasion.

Women’s Haircut – $28.00 | To schedule an appointment call 207-942-6846

About Hair Foil

Hair Foil

The Best Hair Foil Services in the Greater Bangor Area

Marit’s has the latest in hair foil techniques giving you attention grabbing high-impact color or soft subtle color layers. Whatever your choice in foil highlights, Marit’s is the best in Bangor.

Maybe you have always admired a sun-kissed look with golden highlights or maybe your preference is a darker style. Whatever your mood there are many hair foil techniques that can be used to achieve the look you want whether your hair is naturally light or dark. At Marit’s our effective hair foil techniques and expertise are sure to take your hair style to the next level of “Wow”!.

Hair Foil – $70.00 / Foil with Haircut – $80.00 | To schedule an appointment call 207-942-6846

About Mens Haircuts

Haircuts for Men

Sophisticated and Handsome Haircuts for Men

At Marit’s we keep up with all the latest trends in men’s hairstyles and haircuts from retro trims to modern cuts. We have what men are looking for.

At Marit’s we provide the most contemporary hairstyles and haircuts for men. Fashion isn’t just for females anymore. Over the past few years there has been increased interest in traditional barbershop styles and classic haircuts. Men are becoming much more aware of their looks. The trick is to feel comfortable and look great at the same time, with little to no hassle. Whether you want to keep your man bun and shoulder-length hairstyles, or if you’re looking for a short hair style with clean cuts and precise styling Marit’s hair salon has you covered.

Men’s Haircut – $18.00 | To Schedule an Appointment Call 207-942-6846

About Childrens Haircuts

Haircuts for Children

Great Haircuts for Boys and Girls

Kids are amazing, but they can also be impatient. This can make childrens haircuts very difficult, but not so much so at Marit’s. Young at heart, Marit herself seems to connect with the kids that come for a haircut in a way most others can’t. Having raised children of her own and currently enjoying three grandchildren doesn’t hurt.

Marit’s children cuts are as fashion forward and stylish as all her other cuts. When you bring your child to Marit’s you can be assured they’re going to leave as the coolest kid on the block, that is if they weren’t already.

Childrens Haircut – $12.00 | To schedule an appointment call 207-942-6846



Modern Perms and Stylish Curls

Perms have progressed a lot over the past 30 years. These days perms can be carefully crafted to give you just the right kind of “wave” you’re looking for.

Some people feel like their hair may be a bit fine and limp. A simple light perm can add just the extra body you want. Or maybe you want to let loose with some sexy waves or corkscrew curls. Whatever type of perm your desire Marit’s can deliver a classic style with a modern flair.

Perm – $55.00 / Perm with Haircut – $65.00 | To schedule an appointment call 207-942-6846

About Hair Color

Hair Color

Beautiful, Vibrant, Lasting Hair Color

Whether you have blonde hair, red hair, or brown hair, Marit’s Hair Salon has the hot new colors for every shade.

At Marit’s we can help you find a completely new look or simply breathe some new life into your current color. We are excited to have collected some of the best hair colors and ideas for you.

Hair Color – $55.00 / Hair Color with Haircut $65.00 | To schedule an appointment call 207-942-6846

About Bridal Hair

Bridal Hair

Fabulous Bridal Hair and Updo’s

The inspired team at Marit’s has creative bridal updos that are sure to bring out all of your confidence for your special day.

Some brides prefer long, and bit messy, others are looking for a style that is perfectly bobbed, some are even looking for a bit of both. No matter what you want we’ve got a little bit of something for everyone and the results are always lovely.

Bridal Hair and Updo’s – Call for a Quote | To schedule an appointment call 207-942-6846